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EDIT: You guys are fast! The two slots are full already (I added a third because w/e I'm still on school break!), so requests are closed again. Sorry to anybody who didn't get any, I'll open again in the future ;A;

As some of you maybe noticed, I've been practising digital paintings lately. I'm doing a portrait challenge and to make it more fun, I'm making lil paintings out of my practise art.

This is my most recent one, and probs representative of the general style of my paintings - portrait, front view, neutral expression.

Slots are full! I'll note you when I'm done with the paintings :>

1) :icone-brit: is DONE!

2) :iconmunsutaa: is DONE!

Hiro Uchiha by pfaffenhut

3) :iconsleepingayumu: is DONE!

Benedetta by pfaffenhut

Thanks for participating, everyone! These were a lot of fun to do, and I feel like they helped me get better at values/ rendering, so win/win :>


Some Snacks
I drew my cat character/ fursona Witold (Sphynx cat) and my good friend's character Jameel (Siam cat) getting some food and having a good time. I love Jameel's design, he's so soft n fluffy and huggable! ♥
I wouldn't consider myself a furry, but it's been a lot of fun to branch out for a while and design/ draw some nonhuman characters. I'm also pretty pleased with how Witold turned out ~
Since this is my first time drawing anthro characters, I would appreciate some criticism on what I could improve in the future.

Also, you can find my friend and his hella good art at…. If you like anthro/ furry, you should pay him a visit. He's a very sweet, talented guy (and he will be available for commission soon) :>

Background texture by :iconwhookatri:…
This is my submission for the Pride Month celebration on DA (I picked "spirit", hence the colour scheme). I don't think it's gonna end up in the flag, but I enjoyed drawing something for the subject :>

I have a lot of Feelings about Pride and our community, none of which I can word well rn. Just saying, I'm hoping for improvement, educating others and extending hands to people who need support. This Pride, I hope we can commemorate the victims of the Orlando Pulse Shooting (as well as the men with the Pink Triangles, who are only now, decades after KZ liberation, having their criminal records cleaned and receive a compensation for their imprisonment).

Personally, I'm grateful to have friends, family, classmates, coworkers and employers who accept me and support me in my decision. I've put up with some shit, but also found kindness in unexpected places, and I'm looking forward to starting HRT this year.


Moth- piedmontgardener.files.wordpre…
Hand gesture-…
I feel a lil bad about not visiting everyone's profile and thanking for faves anymore, bc it would be nice, and I'm happy about every fave, but it just creates spam on profiles and takes LONG. Which is to say, thanks everyone for the faves, I'm very grateful, even if I don't comment on yalls profiles ♥
Taiha (SOLD)
This is a lil adopt I did sometime ago, his Name is Taiha Himatsu ("big wave", "spraying seawater"), and he's available for adoption. You'll get him, the three outfits he's shown in and a lil backstory (if you wish) for 1000 points. If you adopt him, you will receive a note with his character info and stats as well as an unwatermarked picture. Please comment if you are interested :>

Taiha suffers from vitiligo (I decided to light part of his hair too, because I thought it looked cute). He also has heterochromia. He grew up in a fishermen village in Northeast Mizu no Kuni, but moved to Kiri with his parents around age 10 and became a shinobi there~

Sold to :iconnahves:. Thank you for purchasing! ♥


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